I’m Julie Scott, singer, vocal coach and creative advisor. I am passionate about everything that has to do with music, inspiration, creation and connection between people in the broadest sense.

Here you can find everything about my work, but first let me tell you more about myself … I was born in Scotland and came to Holland when I was 4 years old. For the last 20 years I`ve been living in The Hague, my favorite Dutch city … because of the sea, the amazing sense of humor, the people, culture and the many parks.

I enjoy travelling with Peek, the love of my life…preferably in a little camper, taking each day as it comes.

Peek and I are the initiators of Dune, a new center for personal development and self-awareness in the dunes of The Hague. Visit www.dunecentre.com for more information about Dune ~ Oasis by the Sea …

For me being an artist is all about communication and being present, this is also how i approach my work as creative advisor and as coach. Dare to be open and connect with yourself and others, it`s inspiring!

There are books and movies that have changed my life, music that rocked my world … teachers who pointed out the beauty and madness of this planet,for which I`m eternally greatful. So now I welcome you to my virtual world. I invite you to look around … read more about how I work or have  a wee peek at my lyrics … listen to some music and call or email me if you want a chat about  inspiring ideas for an event, or to book me for a lesson or a concert!

Best Wishes! Julie