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January 2017 singer Julie Scott and her husband Peek Hijmans invited 13 musician friends and their partners to spend a weekend in their house in The Hague….A place of inspiration, set next to the beach and with lots of room to practice and kick up a din!

Inspired by the principles of Burning Man and the famous Transatlantic Sessions, the main theme was that of sharing, extreme gifting, without expecting anything in return … so everyone brought enough food and drinks for themselfs and to share, ego`s had to be dropped off at the Ego Depot upon entering the building….the idea was to create a small creative pressure cooker, without an audience

Every musician was asked in advance to share a song that they would love to play around with, they could work on it in small groups and re-arrange, record together….The music started pouring in, everthing, from classical, original compositions, pop, rock, to folkmusic….Berthold Brecht, Beatles, Perfect Circle & David Bowie to name but a few….

What happened next was mindblowing…it all really came together in a way no-one could have predicted. This eclectic group built campfires at night, ate like kings, drank like fish, shed some tears….roaring laughter could be heard from the corridors … new friendships were created and old ones revived…And the music, oh my god…how can i explain just how amazing the music was?

Luckily everything was filmed and recorded by Marsel Loermans & Pepijn Stutterheim!

On september the 8th Dune Sessions had it`s world premiere in PAARD, The Hague and was also shown during the famous Duth Decompression.

Dune Sessions at Mandala festival: