Dune Sessions, the story
..’when you lock up 20 creative souls in one house for one weekend at the edge of a country, beautiful things might happen…A magical salto mortale in three days, here`s what it looks like!’….
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January 2017 singer Julie Scott and her husband Peek Hijmans invited 13 musician friends and their partners to spend a weekend in their house in The Hague….A place of inspiration, set next to the beach and with lots of room to work together and create…

Inspired by the principles of Burning Man and the famous Transatlantic Sessions, the main theme was that of sharing, extreme gifting, without expecting anything in return … so everyone brought enough food and drinks for themselves and to share, ego`s had to be dropped off at the Ego Depot upon entering the building….the idea was to create a small creative pressure cooker, without an audience Every musician was asked in advance to share a song that they would love to play around with, they could work on it in small groups and re-arrange, record together….The music started pouring in, everything, from classical, original compositions, pop, rock, to folkmusic….Berthold Brecht, Beatles, Perfect Circle & David Bowie to name but a few…. What happened next was mindblowing…it all really came together in a way no-one could have predicted. This eclectic group built campfires at night, ate like kings, drank like fish, shed some tears….roaring laughter could be heard from the corridors … new friendships were created and old ones revived…And the music, oh my god…how can i explain just how amazing the music was? Luckily everything was filmed and recorded by Marsel Loermans & Pepijn Stutterheim!

We invite you to join us on our inspiring rollercoaster of a journey <3
Much love, the Dune Sessions team & artists
Bart Lybeert – Andrew Bird – The New Saint Jude
Petra Appelman – Everywhere you go
Marlon van Cappelle – David Bowie – Heroes
Jorte Weij – Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit
Stefan van de Brug – The Beatles – The Long and Winding Road
Arjan Amin with Wasim Arslan Alles is Anders
Arthur Adam – Radiohead – How to Disappear Completely
Robert Kersten – David Bowie – Blackstar
Julie Scott – Hedningarna – Tass on Nainen
Maaike Peterse – A Perfect Circle – The Outsider
Roeland Drost – Bertolt Brecht – Lied von der Unzulänglichkeit menschlichen Strebens
Monique De Adelhart Toorop – Slow Hot Wind – Gimbel / Mancini
Sound: Pepijn Stutterheim
Film: Marsel Loermans
Crew: Patricia Loos, Faye Soeters, De Blonde Stoot, Zina Abboud & Sandro Bruti

Concept: Julie Scott & Peek Hijmans

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tel: 06 281 22 441 Julie
tel: 06 246 63 986 Peek