For everybody who wants to learn more about singing and voice expression!

I offer private lessons for teenagers and adults, tailored, in a friendly atmosphere.

If you are a beginner, get to know your voice and be surprised! Singing makes you express emotions, strengthen your confidence in yourself and never forget that singing is above all a pleasure! Singing lessons energize and soothe at the same time.

If you have a technical basis, come deepen your interpretation, your posture, your presence and assurance on stage, prepare for an audition, concert, studio, …

If you “loose” your voice, your potential, if your voice concerns you, please feel free to come and do a vocal assessment.

My name is Julie Scott, I create, perform and teach everything that has to do with music, theatre, presentation, storytelling.

Together with actor/musician and dear friend Roeland Drost I developed a special training-method in which we (re)learn singers and speakers to become real, personal, aware and awake in their bodies, ready to be an authentic storyteller indeed, instead of being a copy-cat! You are welcome to contact me and together we can find out how I can help you determine and reach your goals!

Separate lessons are 40 euro voor 45 minutes

  • 35,- if you`re under 21 

Een card for 8 lessons is 280 euro, that`s one lesson for free!  

  • 245,- if you`re under 21 


 2 pers.     ___  36,-  p.p. |under 21 –   31,50 p.p.

3 pers.     ___  32,-  p.p. | under 21 –   28,-    p.p.

4 pers.     ___  28,-  p.p. | under 21 –   24,50 p.p.

Feel free to contact me!


My Biography

Scottish born musician Julie Scott has lived in Holland almost her whole life, and yet you can still hear her Celtic roots when she sings. While beeing inspired by artists like David Bowie, Mark Lanegan and PJ Harvey, Julie`s music has it`s own special attraction; intimate, cinematic and the capability to excite. Her voice is willful, atmospheric, you are drawn to listen intently.

Julie is a former member of successful Dutch bands Mizpah (Lowlands, Paradiso, SXSW Texas) and the wildly experimental Can_of_Be. She was one of the vocalist in renowned jazz ensemble Dash! and has collaborated with several DJ`s, resulting in an international hit: ” Love all the pain away” by Ronsky Speed (Ger).
With Brittish DJ and producer Rich Mowatt aka Solarstone Julie co-wrote and recorded several tracks for the album “Rain stars Eternal” which was released and well received internationally. In 2013 one of the tracks, “Hidden Sign”, was recorded by famous 80`s group Visage (Fade to gray).

In 2013 Julie released her solo album Thoughts & Sounds, which she recorded in South Africa and in Holland with her friend and producer Philip Pells. The album is a personal story, some of the songs written in the 90`s were now arranged for cello and standing bass, new tracks written while travelling through Africa. Many musician friends from her hometown Den Haag can be heard on the album, and also South African artists Jimi Curve and Dominico Benigno.
During het Dutch tour to promote Thoughts & Sounds Julie was often accompanied by best mate and multi instrumentalist Roeland Drost. In January 2014 SA artist Hanne-Lize Delport made an amazing stop motion video for the track Lucifer, to premiere during the THISSfest Awards in The Hague, where Thoughts & Sounds won album of the year.