5 -12 April 2018 all inclusive


Treat yourself to a liberating and unforgettable week in Spain!
This retreat is completely dedicated to the development of your voice, while enjoying sunshine, delicious Mediterranean-inspired meals, a beautiful setting and inspiring lessons from a professional singer & voice coach …

….If you are a beginner, get to know your voice and be surprised! Singing makes you express emotions, strengthen your confidence in yourself and never forget that singing is above all a pleasure! Singing lessons energize and soothe at the same time.
If you have a technical basis, come deepen your interpretation, your posture, your presence and assurance on stage, prepare for an audition, concert, studio, …

If you “loose” your voice, your potential, if your voice concerns you, please feel free to come and do a vocal assessment.
You are welcome to contact me and together we can find out how I can help you determine and reach your goals!

This week is suitable for anyone who wants to develop his or her voice further.
The experience of your voice, feeling and technique together in consultation. We will explore the possibilities of your sound and learn to discover your voice completely!

– voice expression without limitation
– the voice high energy versus relaxt
– working with sound & different intentions
– visualisation
– how do I increase my reach
– what should I do to deal with tension & nerves?
– how do I sing/speak with more volume?

There will be more than enough time to explore the area before and after class, so you can visit one of the many villages, go to the beach or just read a book or hang out at Can Portell!

Julie Scott photography by Ramond_Jaggessar

The teacher
I create, perform and teach everything that has to do with music, theatre, presentation, storytelling.
With Roeland Drost i developed our own training-method in which we (re)learn singers and speakers to become real, personal, aware and awake in their bodies, ready to be an authentic storyteller indeed, instead of being a copy-cat!
My approach is personal, I am passionate about my work, looking for the way that suits you and makes you sing!
Want to know more? Please visit my website: www.juliescott.nl

Can Portell site sept. 2008 oa paarden blauwe woonwagen 025
The location
A Bed & Breakfast under the Spanish Sun. Unlike anywhere else … A flowery experience, a colorful scene, in short worthy of a visit. Can Portell, in Sant Andreu del Terrì, at half an hour’s drive from the French-Spanish border, lies fairly hidden in the Catalonian countryside. It is situated right between Perpignan and Barcelona, at 30 km from the idyllic Costa Brava beaches. The Pyrenees stretch the entire width of the horizon.

The masia is 15 minutes from both the Lake of Banyoles, site of the 1992 Olympic rowing competition, and the charming town of Girona. An ideal base therefore for all kinds of activities and a delightful spot to relax again in the pastoral peace, to take a lovely walk and dream away in the spacious garden.

The food:
In Spain, people are serious about food…the owners of Can Portell are fans of the Mediterranean cuisine and will treat us daily to home-made tasty moments of delight!

Singing course all inclusive:
7 nights including breakfast
6 x homemade lunch
6 x homemade dinner + wine
singing & voice expression course by Julie Scott
Contribution: 745, – Euro

NB this amount does not include the flight ticket and transport to Can Portell.Tickets now cost € 90, = return, from Amsterdam to Girona on 5/4 and 12/4 back.

Book through this site: www.123ole.nl

A few reactions:

“I did not know that I could feel so free and could give so much sound, incredible !!”

“What a wonderful libaration!”

“A great adventure, an experience where you can learn a lot!”

“Keep up the good work, completely great. Casual, professional, positive. “

“Groundbreaking. Making contact is easier than you think. Find the space. Be yourself.”

“A lot of energy and inspiration.”

“Your singing lessons are a really a nice way to take another step in looking for possibilities of my voice. The loose way of resonating and then trying to stay in that mode while you are singing a song, singing together with others, listening to others – and getting confused with all the tones. I think it’s a great formula and I always feel free and challenged to have fun with my voice! ‘